SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 – Official Reveal!

Today we have the official reveal of the samsung galaxy s21 and the s21   ultra and i’ll be sharing the details right after this.   If you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech please follow   us on facebook, instagram & twitter by clicking the links in   the footer section.

So today we’ve got the official reveal of the galaxy s21 5g and the s21 ultra we also have news that release is imminent in confirmation   of an improved spec that we actually haven’t mentioned on this website yet if you’re a fan of samsung let me know in the comments   what device you’re watching today’s on but the first story of the day is confirmation that   the release of the galaxy s21 series is not far off at all the samsung galaxy s21 has passed fcc  certification and this always happens right before launch the fcc certification also confirms that we   get 25 watt fast wired charging on the standard s21 as well as a 9 watt reverse wireless charging   which is twice the power of the predecessor we also have news from ice universe that samsung have   upgraded the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the samsung galaxy s21 which has remained the same   since the s10 he states that the new ultrasonic scanner in the s21 is 8×8 so that’s a 64mm area   which is nearly twice the size of the previous scanner and the unlock speed has apparently   doubled which is incredible news as well as this he states the exynos 2100 is performing   incredibly well in the current tests and that the release of the chipset will be just after December

now for the exciting news of the day we have the official trailer video for the samsung galaxy s21   and the s21 ultra we start with the trailer for the galaxy s21 we have the trailer focusing on   the phantom violet variant we first get a shot of the triple camera setup and this galaxy s21   looks exactly the same as all the leaks i’ve been showing you guys for weeks   the camera bump on the phantom violet as you can see is a gold/bronze color and i personally think   that this looks incredible we get a brief shot of the front of the display for the galaxy s21   and this confirms it’s the flat display we’ve all been expecting but interestingly enough it does   not give us a shot of the new blade bezel on the bottom but this is of course just a teaser next   up we’ve got the official teaser for the samsung galaxy s21 ultra now this teaser is pretty much   exactly the same animation wise as the previous one we just looked at but it features the s21   ultra in a much darker theme the first part of the trailer again focuses on the camera module   and it confirms that the information i showed you yesterday is correct with five sensors and an led   flash in the module we then get another brief shot of the display which confirms a curved display on   the s21 ultra but again they didn’t show us this new blade bezel in the trailer

there’s no official   teaser leak for the galaxy s21 plus but it is the same as the standard s21 just a little bit bigger   so the original teaser is good enough for both we had the cameras for the galaxy s21 the s21   plus and the s21 ultra confirmed yesterday and the details are as follows on the samsung galaxy s21   plus we’ve got a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera at the top a 12 megapixel main camera in the middle a   64 megapixel telephoto at the bottom and an led flash in the top right just outside the module   on the galaxy s21 ultra we’ve got a lot more going on with the 12 megapixel ultra wide in the top   left corner below that we’ve got the 108 megapixel main sensor which is believed to be the hm3   below that we’ve got a 10 megapixel telephoto with 10 times optical zoom in the top right we’ve got   the laser autofocus below that we’ve got the led flash and then below that again we have another   10 megapixel telephoto but this time with three times optical zoom so overall it’s an incredible   day for samsung galaxy s21 fans the phone is coming very soon and looks exactly as we’ve been   telling you guys now that we’ve got the full spec and design information for the whole of the range   i’m gonna run through it all for those that are interested for my regular viewers you   guys would have already seen this so just jump to the next blog and we’ll get right into it so first up

Samsung galaxy s21

we’ve got the samsung galaxy s21   this is the smallest in the range and of course the entry-level model and it comes   with a 6.2 inch dynamic amoled display with an expected resolution of 1440 by 3200 and this   gives us 563 pixels per inch and it of course comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner 

Samsung store confirms Galaxy S21 5G launch date, colors, and key specs -  PhoneArena

  it’s going to be a flat 120 Hz ltps display so it’s not going to be capable of 120 Hz at quad hd   but you can choose between them we get a triple camera setup consisting of a 12   megapixel main sensor a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 64 megapixel telephoto camera   is powered by the five nanometer snapdragon 888 in north america and the exynos 2100 globally and it will be 5g compatible we’re expecting similar ram and storage configurations to the predecessor   so roughly eight gigs of ram with 128 storage and expect microsd support it’s powered by a 4,000   milliamp hour battery with 25 watt fast charging support and unfortunately the standard galaxy s21   is not going to have s pen support it’s coming with 5g bluetooth 5.1 and wi-fi 6 and the color   choices are going to be phantom violet phantom pink phantom grey and phantom white it will of   course ship with one ui 3.1 based on android 11 and a new report is stating we can expect to see the galaxy s 21 start from 850

Galaxy s21 plus

Next up we’ve got the samsung galaxy s21 plus now this is the middle   of the range it comes with a 6.7 inch dynamic ammo led display with an expected resolution of 1440 by   3200 and this gives us 563 pixels per inch and it of course comes with the in-display fingerprint   scanner again it’s going to be a flat 120 Hz ltps panel so we can only have 120 Hz at the   full hd plus resolution or 60 Hz at the quad hd plus.

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra specs leaked, report says - CNET

we get a triple camera setup consisting of a   12 megapixel main sensor a 12 megapixel ultrawide and a 64 megapixel telephoto it’s powered by the   five nanometer snapdragon 888 in north america and the exynos 2100 globally and it will be   5g compatible we’re expecting similar ram and storage configurations to the predecessor so again   eight gigs of ram with 128 storage and expect microsd support it’s powered by a 4,800 milliamp   hour battery with 25 watt fast charge support now unfortunately the galaxy s 21 plus will reportedly   not support the s pen either it comes with 5g bluetooth 5.1 and wi-fi 6 and the color choices   are going to be phantom silver phantom black phantom grey or phantom violet and it will of   course ship with one ui 3.1 based on android 11. now according to the latest leak we can   expect the galaxy s21 plus to start from 1050 but personally i think this is a little bit optimistic  

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra

finally we’ve got the most premium model in the range and that’s the samsung galaxy s21 ultra the   galaxy s21 ultra is coming with a 6.8 inch dynamic amoled display with a resolution of 1440 by 3200   this gives us 511 pixels per inch and it will of course have the in-display fingerprint scanner   it’s a 120 Hz adaptive ltpo display meaning we can use 120 Hz at the full quad hd plus resolution   and the display will adapt its refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz to help with the power efficiency

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will have the same battery as the S20 Ultra;  only the Plus model is in line for a larger battery - News

   we get a quad camera setup consisting of a 108 megapixel hm3 as the main sensor we also get a   12 megapixel ultra wide and two 10 megapixel cameras for three times and ten times optical   zoom it’s powered by the five nanometer snapdragon 888 in north america and the exynos 2100 globally   and it will of course be 5g compatible we’re expecting similar ram and storage configurations   to the predecessor so 12 gigs of ram with 128 gig storage and expect microsd support it’s powered   by a 5 000 milliamp hour battery with rumors of a 65 watt fast charge and the best news is that the   galaxy s21 ultra is finally going to support the s pen although it will be sold separately   it’s coming with 5g bluetooth 5.1 wi-fi 6 and the color choices are going to be phantom black   or phantom silver it will of course ship with one ui 3.1 based on android 11 and the latest   price leak reports that the galaxy s 21 ultra will start from 1 250 so overall the samsung galaxy s21   range is looking incredible while it’s got minor refinements over the predecessor they are still   huge improvements make for an incredible overall user experience of course as more   information comes in i’ll be sharing it with you guys straight away but as always i’d like   to know your thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the samsung galaxy s21   and you happy with the official trailer videos but thanks for watching the video if you liked   it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and i’ll see you guys in the next one   you

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